(Small Mouth Fishing)
Guide Service
We Are Proud To Announce Our New Store. (Now Open)
( Y - Bridge Market & Canoe Rental ) 417-231-7842
  We Offer Groceries, Beer, Liquor, Ice and Bait
Prices: Our
Prices are the same as the big box stores, or within .03 cents.
We've Made it Simple and Worry Free. Just Have Fun, We Do The Work For
You. You Can Get a Float Trip, Ice, Lunch and your Drinks all in one stop.
For Breakfast: We Serve Biscutes & Gravy.
For Lunch or Dinner: We Serve Pulled Pork And
Brisket Sandwiches. With All The Fixens.                                                             
Located Near Branson Mo and Near Springfield Mo.
Call Now : 417-231-7842
Pick Up Location Has Changed. Now It's Even Easier.  
We Will No Longer Be Meeting you at
the Ralph Cox Memorial Access.
     We Will Now Meet You At
( Y Bridge Market and Canoe Rental )
  GPS Address: 309 Elm Street
Galena, Mo 65656. Phone 417-231-7842
You will Love the new us. We do everything for you
( It's Simple) You meet us at 309 Elm Street Galena, Mo 65656. It's that
Simple. At our new Market, Store.
You can get your Favorite drinks and sandwiches. And then
park your car in our new secure parking lot. We pick you up. Take you up
stream and put you in the water. Then we load your stuff in the boat for you.
Then all you have to do is enjoy your float trip on the beautiful James River.
Take your time and enjoy your trip. You will end up Right Back Were You
Started. We will help you load your stuff back in your car. You cant get any
more simple than that.    
 Give us a Call: 417-231-7842
About 30 min. From Springfield and Branson Mo          Call 417 231 7842
We can help you with nightly rentals. Hotel & Motel, Camping and Cabins.
For All You Fishermen We Offer A Guide Service.                                               
Call For Reservations 417 231 7842
We Guarantee Small Mouth Bass. Almost Every Trip.
All Float Trips, You will meet us at Y Bridge Market & Canoe Rental 309 Elm Street
Galena, Mo 65656. Phone 417-231-7842.  We can no longer allow Dogs in Rafts.
This is for Rafts only. Thank You

H L Kerr To Y Bridge Market & Canoe Rental  - Galena:
Canoes: 3 TO 4 hr 5.4 Mile TRIP : $ 35.00
Kayaks: 3 to 4 hr 5.4 Mile Trip : $30.00
Rafts: 3 To $ hr 5.4 Mile Trip: 2 People $50.00: 4 People $75.00:
6 People $100.00
Float Tubes $15.00 per person

Y Bridge Market & Canoe Rental - Galena To Blunks:
Canoes 4 to 5 hr 6 Mile TRIP : $35.00
Kayaks: 4 to 5 hr 6 Mile Trip: $30.00
Rafts: 4 To 5 hr 6 Mile Trip: 3 people $50.00: 4 people $75.00
6 people $100.00
Float Tubes $15.00 per person

Cox - Golf Course To Y Bridge Market & Canoe Rental - Galena:
Canoes: 6 TO 7 hr 12 Mile TRIP : $ 45.00
Kayaks: 6 to 7 hr 12 Mile Trip: 1 Kayak $35.00 2 or More $30.00 per
Float Tube $20.00 For 1 -. 2 or More Tubes $15.00 per person

V hwy - Marble Ground To Y Bridge Market & Canoe Rental - Galena
Canoes: 10 to 12 hr 17 Mile TRIP $50.00
Kayaks: 10 To 12 hr 17 Mile 1 Kayak $45.00 2 or More $40.00 per

Hooton Town To Y Bridge Market & Canoe Rental - Galena:
Canoes: 12 To 16 hr 22 Mile Trip: $50.00 per
Kayaks: 12 To 16 hr 22 Mile 1 Kayak $45.00 2 or More $40.00 per  

Over Night Trips:
2 Day Over Night Trip: Cox To Galena $45.00 Day 1: $30.00 per day after.
2 or 3 Day Over night V hwy Trips $45.00 Day 1 $30.00 every day after.
2 or 3 Day  Over night  Trips Hooton Town to Galena- $50.00 day 1 $30.00 per    
every day after.  For Holiday Pricing Call 417-231-7842

Float Tubes: Hl Kerr $15.00 per Tube.  Cox $15.00 per Tube

Ask About Y Bridge Market: Beer Liquor, Wine Groceries. 417-231-7842

Boat Shuttles Service: This is for boat shuttle only. If You Rent A Boat
From Us and want us to shuttle a boat you bring with you. Your Shuttle Is
$10.00 per boat. You and your guests rideing in your and our boat ride for

If you don't rent any thing from us. And you need a boat shuttle. Look below

H L Kerr :                 1 Boat $15.00 2 or More $10.00
Cox-Golf Course:   1 Boat $20.00 2 or More $15.00
Hooton Town:         1 Boat $45.00 2 or More $35.00
If you rent one or more boats from us, Shuttles are $10.00 per boat.
Canoes are 2 People Per Canoe The Third person will be a $10.00 extra charge.
Kids under 12 are free No More Than Three To A Canoe. Only 1 per Kayak Or Tube.
We Now Have 4, 6 And 8 Man Rafts and Sit on Top Kayaks.
All prices are subject to change. When you rent a boat from use you have that rental up and until 30 min. Before dark.
Whatever that time may be. It is the law no Glass of any kind allowed on James river. Float Responsible. We have a
you break you buy policy.
                     Were Waiting For Your Call. Call Now And Save

                   Call Now 417-231- 7842
Welcome to Y Bridge Market & Canoe Rental
Y Bridge Market & Canoe Rental Galena Mo-      
line of Groceries, Beer, Wine and Liquor.
             BIG OR SMALL GROUPS. Call For Group Rates
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