309 Elm Street
   Galena, MO. 65656
   Call: 417-231-7842
417- 231 - 7842 We have just opened
Y-Bridge Market & Canoe Rental. Beer
,Liquor, Groceries and Bait.
Give us a call or GPS we are easy to find.
309 Elm Street Galena, Mo 65656
                                                       For Directions:
Goggle Map or GPS:
309 Elm Street Galena, Mo 65656
or Call: 417-231-7842
Driving Directions: If you are coming from or near Springfield, Mo
Go South on Campbell Ave toward Nixa, Mo. Keep going South, You are now on
160 hwy & 13 hwy. You will go though 4 way stop light at Highlandville, Mo. Keep
South on 160 & 13 hwy. Then you will go though Spokane, Mo. Keep
going South a few miles, you will then
turn Right on to 176 hwy and 413. You will
9 miles from Galena, Mo. You will go though Abesville, Mo keep going. When
you get near
Galena, Mo you will need to go across the Bridge that goes over
James River.
As soon as you cross the Bridge take the First Left Turn Left, that
will be, 248 hwy and South Main Street.
Go about 20 yards take a Left onto Y
Bridge blvd.
Drive about 1/2 mile you will see the City Park, keep going strait
their will be a
brown Gazebo on your left, Keep going Strait onto Oak Street.
Take first Left onto East 5 Street. The road will take a sharp Right hand corner,
You are now on
Elm Street. We are on the right, Cant miss it.     417-231-7842
From or near Branson, Mo.

(417) 231-7842

Goggle or GPS  ( 309 Elm Street Galena, Mo 65656 )

You can take 65 hwy to the Ozark Mt High Road to 76 hwy, Go toward Silver
Dollar City to Branson West.

Or take 76 hwy toward
Silver Dollar City then to Branson West. Go strait though
stop light, when you get to next stop light turn Right  onto 13 hwy. Go to the
next Stop Light Turn Left onto 413 hwy and 265 hwy. Go strait though the next
Stop Light, you are now in Reeds Spring, Mo.  You will go through the middle of
town , you will then have to take a sharp left hand corner, keep going. The hwy
will then turn into 413 hwy 248 hwy and 265 hwy, keep going strait stay on main
road.  When you get close to Galena, Mo you will go through some sharp
corners. Just keep going until you don't have any choice but to turn left or right.
You will turn Left and go across a big bridge that goes over the River. When you
get to the end of the bridge you will take the first left  you see after bridge. That
hwy is 248 hwy. As soon as you turn onto 248 go 40 feet turn left onto Y Bridge
Blvd. Drive 1/2 mile do not turn left or right. You will see the City Park on your
Left , keep going strait. Then you will see a Big Brown Gazebo on your Left
keep going strait, you will drive strait onto Oak Street, go strait for 20 feet. Then
turn Left onto 5 th street. You  will see a sharp Right Hand corner keep going.
You are now on Elm Street, We are on the right. Their are 5 cabins on stilts up in
the air.   

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We will take the time you need. We work for you.
Call Now 417-231-7842 Canoing, Fishing And Camping

Kayak, Canoe, Raft, Jon Boats,
Float Tubes.

Y Bridge Canoe Rental
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